Pre-World War I Animal Cruelty Sentencing Needs Urgent Review

106 years ago, Parliament enacted the Protection of Animals Act, which banned various forms of cruelty to animals. In the time since, a lot has happened: two World Wars, women’s suffrage, the creation of television and the internet. The world has moved on a lot. And yet something remains the same: a maximum sentence of six months’ imprisonment for animal cruelty offences.Read more

If Brexit means Brexit, then the hunting ban should mean a hunting ban

Twelve years on from the Hunting Act coming into force, hunters need to stop breaking the law, authorities need to ensure the law is enforced throughout the country, and sentencing for animal cruelty needs strengthening so that the time fits the crime.Read more

The Act that made hunting an underground covert deception

Head of Policy and Research Jordi Casamitjana recalls the day the Hunting Act first came into force - 12 years agoRead more

A battle of the seasons

Over the past week there has been a battle raging on Baronsdown. Not a battle between two majestic stags, as we might witness during the autumn rut, but a much greater battle between two forces of nature, winter and spring.Read more

Bird crime and shooting

The killing of birds of prey on shooting estates continue – and the Government must actRead more

We need to keep protesting against the badger cull

In January 2017 the League participated in the protest against the badger cull in London, because the protection of badgers is being threatened. We should keep protesting by attending events like this, signing petitions and answering consultations until no badger is persecuted anymoreRead more

Brexit: sliding backwards or grasping a brighter future for animals?

As the government grapples with Brexit, animal welfare organisations across Britain are calling on the government to grasp the opportunity to deliver an improved legislative framework for animal welfare.Read more

Unfinished Sentence for Dog Fighters

We welcome new sentencing guidelines for animal cruelty offences, but there’s still a way to go when it comes to stronger sentences.Read more

Wildlife and wassailing on Baronsdown

Freezing cold nights and spectacular sunsets have been the order of the day for much of this January.Read more

Winter on League's wildlife sanctuaries

Mid-winter means hard times for the wildlife on the League’s wildlife sanctuaries and spring still seems a long way away.Read more

Fighting to Ban Snares in Wales

We are working very hard to end the use of snares in WalesRead more

Under Attack – We must be doing something right

Here at the League, we’re used to certain sections of the media having a go at us. It’s the price you pay for going up against ‘tradition’.Read more